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The Advantages of a VMware vSphere Hosted Environment

Posted 5 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / VMware


vSphere hosting profiles may be overlooked by most people, but they are a perfect option as far as selecting the right virtual hosting profile is concerned. There are numerous advantages that are associated with vSphere hosting profiles; and also, a lot of reasons that can be accounted for a switch from other hosting profiles to vSphere. It may be as a result of an ever-increasing number of clients and the need to widen their hosting base. It may also be as a result of host configurations going awry. In general, the reason does not matter too much. What matters most is the fact that VMware vSphere is associated with numerous advantages that make it worth going for. Some of the major reasons why it is advantageous to use VMware vSphere are indicated in the passage.

  • Do away with errors caused by misconfiguration: as misconfiguration can lead to a number of errors that can be detrimental to the overall performance of any hosting platform. Based on this, the errors have to be fixed at all costs. This is something that you can achieve by switching to VMware vSphere.
  • Automation of compliance to configuration settings of your own: in cases where there is a perpetual increase in the number of hosts, it may be appropriate to switch to VMware vSphere in a bid to facilitate the automation of compliance to suit your own configuration settings. This enhances performance in the host profile environment.
  • Simplification of operational management: operational management related issues may be a challenge in any kind of hosted profiles. As the number of host increases and the need to simplify the operational management sets in, it is very important to switch to a host profile that can streamline the operations within a host environment.
  • Consistency among hosts: inconsistency and errors are detrimental to the smooth running of any host profile. Based on this, they have to be ironed out whenever the need arises. Taking a bold step to switch to VMware vSphere is a perfect idea to do this.
  • Easy-to-use host profiles: vSphere allows users to come up with a configuration policy that has been defined in line with their preferences. This offers users an opportunity to have full control over the configuration profiles that are created at any particular time.

A brief look at the features of VMware vSphere can enable you to easily deduce the most notable advantages that are associated with the host profile. In general, VMware vSphere undergoes periodic modification in order to meet the demands of customers. New features are added, revisions are made and other features are retained based on their viability.  There are also several periodic changes that are made to the overall structure of the interface of the AP and the ESXi Shell. VMware is the company that provides vSphere in various editions, including in Enterprise Plus, Enterprise and Standard editions. These editions are added to the kits which include Essentials and Essential plus.

Matt Carolan
Over 15 years working in the IT industry worldwide.
Today Matt is known for his work consulting in the Cloud Space as a Solution Architect with Softchoice. The opinions expressed by Matt represent his own and not those of Softchoice.

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