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Features and Implementation of Windows Azure

Posted 26 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / Azure

businessman-cloudWindows Azure is certainly among the most innovative and extensively used cloud development platforms that are known today. In particular, the platform is very essential for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with a number of features that enable users to meet their business demands in all respects. If a small or medium-sized business’s usual data storage capacity is not enough to support the new needs, it must use this application. Windows Azure supports multiple programing languages and user frameworks, thus providing a unique and powerful platform for running any kind of business. In general, there are up to nine different services that users can access through Microsoft Azure. The following are some of the most notable features and implementations of the cloud development platform.

Windows Azure and its virtual machines

Windows Azure permits users to launch a Linux or Windows server while using the cloud platform. Users can also store images in a gallery which can be published as often as the need arises.

On-demand resources

Thanks to Windows Azure, users can now successfully scale on-demand resources in a bid to grow side by side with your business. It is even possible to move virtual hard disks between cloud servers and on-premises with the system centre belonging to Azure.

Users get a chance to launch websites quickly

Windows Azure’s system is designed to grant users full control over the creation of web applications. You can come up with a new web application and set it up within minutes. This can be achieved through the use of Azure’s management portal, which accepts scripts from either CLI tools or PowerShell, irrespective of the operating system. Azure also permits users to deploy sites that are already in existence from CodePlex, GitHub, Git, Bitbucket and DropBox.

Development of a virtual studio

By simply right clicking on any ASP.net website, users can successfully launch a virtual studio website. Any Azure managed site can be monitored and controlled directly from the visual studio. This feature also comes along with live data streaming and logs.

Other notable development tools

Developers are not restricted to visual studio development. Rather, they have several other development tools at their disposal. Windows Azure permits users to come up with applications using several other languages, such as ASP.net, ASP, PHP, Node.js and Python, depending on the applications they want to develop. The web application gallery is also quite comprehensive, featuring numerous development tools including Drupal, Django, WordPress, Express, DotNetNuke and CakePHP

Management of mobile services through the use of bus relay

Azure has been designed with features that allow users to leverage data options that are available within the system, thus enabling them to come up with global changes much quicker than usual. The incorporated mobile services permit users to keep sensitive data on-premises as opposed to storing it on the cloud computing system.

Keeping data storage simple

The storage of data has been made simple, thanks to the presence of Blobs which allow users to store unstructured data along with binary data in the form of images, audio or videos.

Matt Carolan
Over 15 years working in the IT industry worldwide.
Today Matt is known for his work consulting in the Cloud Space as a Solution Architect with Softchoice. The opinions expressed by Matt represent his own and not those of Softchoice.

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