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Understanding Cloud Computing and Its Worth

Posted 12 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

50Cloud computing is the new trend in this age of modernization. It is as important to the world of computer information and technology in this era as power and electricity were to the previous era. Cloud computing is basically the force, which helps in flipping the ration and provides the IT departments and organizations the ability to spend majority of their time on the core and major business strategies and processes. The reason Cloud computing is so important and compelling is because it is directly helping in the business and economic processes. Cloud computing creates more opportunities, flexibility and creativity. And these benefits are the reasons why organizations have started to pay for having cloud computing services for their own computing needs. The business organizations already have started spending more and more on cloud computing, and these circumstances indicate that there won’t be any limit to the amount of money that will be spent in the upcoming years on this IT field due to its tendency of creating opportunities rather than liabilities. This service has been increasing at a staggering rate in the last few years.

Reasons why businesses are embracing cloud computing

There are a lot of reasons why the businesses are shifting towards the cloud computing and the reasons have been explained below:



The business owners need to access the data, software and files at any time for making decisions or devising strategies. Cloud computing makes it easier to access them in anytime and from anywhere by using virtually any device. This lets them to plan more accurate and precise decisions.

Global Workface:

As cloud computing makes everything accessible, the business associates are now working together simultaneously across the whole world. This is improving the image of the global workforce as well as opportunities. It also helps in reducing time and accelerating the productivity of an organization.

Development and deployment:

Both cloud computing and business strategies mix together quite a lot as compared to the past computer technologies and strategies. Cloud computing allows the companies to experience all sorts of new strategies as well as the technologies.

Security and adaptability:

Cloud computing’s security process and its delivered securities are quite safe. They also allow the businesses to adopt new structures. Cloud computing has the necessary consistency and flexibility qualities.

Matt Carolan
Over 15 years working in the IT industry worldwide.
Today Matt is known for his work consulting in the Cloud Space as a Solution Architect with Softchoice. The opinions expressed by Matt represent his own and not those of Softchoice.

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