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Cloud Computing – 4 Questions Infrastructure and Operations Managers Must Ask

Posted 21 November 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

1No matter what type of business is using it, cloud computing offers infrastructure and operations to vastly assist every type of enterprise. Cloud computing offers a much better approach to IT infrastructure compared to the previous methods, which included buying and renting servers, systems, power and so much more. With many business entities adopting cloud computing services, it might be the time that you make the same decision as a business owner. Before you rush and make the switch to the cloud computing, there are a few things that you should ask yourself. Let us look at 4 main questions that you need to ask as the Infrastructure and Operations Manager.

1. How will cloud computing improve IT extension at a much lower Price?

As an I&O manager, you need to be aware of the business’s present IT infrastructure. Identify the infrastructure that is hampering the growth of the business and then calculate how much it would cost you to make the upgrades. Also, analyze how much it would cost to use a cloud-based service to make the upgrades. As the manager, you will find that it would benefit you more to make the upgrade using cloud computing, which would also save you more money both now and later.

2. Will switch to cloud computing improve the product lifecycle management?

2This is another vital question that you need to carefully ask and find out the answer. The best way to know this is to utilize the data that you will get from an application execution administration (APM). It will help in identifying where assets are in the IT life cycle. Once you assess, you will be able to find out which applications would highly benefit your organization for moving to the cloud computing.

3. How will I&O monitor cloud computing activities?

Once you have made the switch to cloud computing, decide who will monitor and screen each application to ensure that it is on the cloud computing platform or in the datacenter. To ensure that you offer high-quality customer services using cloud computing services, it is necessary to monitor all the transactions, middleware messaging, end-user expertise and other various elements.

4. How will I&O ensure cloud computing governance?

This is another essential question that you should ask. The best thing to do is to use application execution administration devices. Admin will incorporate various tasks, such as collecting application info, application accessibility issues and other vital operations. A software efficiency manager will be needed to explain any failures and issues that could happen.

Matt Carolan
Over 15 years working in the IT industry worldwide.
Today Matt is known for his work consulting in the Cloud Space as a Solution Architect with Softchoice. The opinions expressed by Matt represent his own and not those of Softchoice.

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