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Cloud Computing Enables Digital Insurance

Posted 24 October 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

1Cloud computing is an ideal platform for those who are seeking an easier way to share data files, and to improve their digital sector for making it more efficient and cheaper. With the current competitive market, insurers need to implement better methods so as to enhance their digital services, and deliver better and effective mobile and online functionality. The market has vastly changed over the past few years. Better digital services and infrastructures have reshaped the platform for insurers. Different insurance companies are finding it hard to adapt if they are not keeping up with the changes. With the new digital products, the insurance environment is vastly changing; and as an insurer, you will need to implement the various services and infrastructures to enable you grow effectively.

For a better service distribution, every insurer needs to switch to a more digital-based platform. This will include digitizing everything within the company so that they can interact with their customers at a much convenient level. There are many benefits of digitizing an insurance company. It will be easier to perform business activities, get better mobile and online applications, create enhanced self-service features, increase business growth, and many more.

Why Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is distributing the facility of storing data files. It relies on the internet and real-time communication network. Cloud computing offers many features to those who decide to use it. There are various cloud computing services that an insurer can benefit from, such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Each of these services can be implemented in private, public, hybrid or multiple clouds.

2Cloud computing has proved to be an ideal implementation when it comes to digitizing an insurer. Once an insurer has implemented the various cloud computing services, they will be able to offer full digital services to their customers, employees, and partners. Proper cloud computing services provide the insurer with software as a service and infrastructure on demand. There are various advantages for the digital insurers, including the following:

  • Device and location dependency
  • A more flexible work environment and collaboration opportunities.
  • An automated and flexible self-service scalability.
  • A readily available and reliable disaster recovery solution.

Cloud computing basically means that all of your IT infrastructure (servers and network) will be available in the cloud data centers and also, will be connected to the internet. These will provide you with a much better platform, one that is efficient and effective, especially in the present competitive market.

Matt Carolan
Over 15 years working in the IT industry worldwide.
Today Matt is known for his work consulting in the Cloud Space as a Solution Architect with Softchoice. The opinions expressed by Matt represent his own and not those of Softchoice.

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