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Features and Implementation of Windows Azure
Posted 26 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / Azure

businessman-cloudWindows Azure is certainly among the most innovative and extensively used cloud development platforms that are known today. In particular, the platform is very essential for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with a number of features that enable users to meet their business demands in all respects. If a small or medium-sized business’s Read More

Different Types of Cloud Computing – How to Identify Clouds
Posted 19 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

395px-Cloud_computing_types.svgCloud computing has been continuing to be the leader in the provision of highly innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. This is the computing platform that was established to erase the shortcomings of the non-cloud computing platforms. This explains why it is very popular today. Read More

Understanding Cloud Computing and Its Worth
Posted 12 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

50Cloud computing is the new trend in this age of modernization. It is as important to the world of computer information and technology in this era as power and electricity were to the previous era. Cloud computing is basically the force, which helps in flipping the ration and provides the IT departments and organizations the ability to spend majority of their time on the core and major business strategies and processes. The reason Cloud computing is so important Read More

The Advantages of a VMware vSphere Hosted Environment
Posted 5 December 2016 / By Matt Carolan / VMware


vSphere hosting profiles may be overlooked by most people, but they are a perfect option as far as selecting the right virtual hosting profile is concerned. There are numerous advantages that are associated with vSphere hosting profiles; and also, a lot of reasons that can be accounted for a switch from other hosting profiles to vSphere. Read More

Posted 28 November 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

48Cloud computing is a kind of technology that helps in altering landscapes, and is widely being adopted nowadays. However, not all of the business owners understand its benefits. Although cloud computing is very advantageous, there are still several risks attached with it. Read More

Cloud Computing – 4 Questions Infrastructure and Operations Managers Must Ask
Posted 21 November 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

1No matter what type of business is using it, cloud computing offers infrastructure and operations to vastly assist every type of enterprise. Cloud computing offers a much better approach to IT infrastructure compared to the previous methods, which included buying and renting servers, systems, power and so much more. With many business entities adopting cloud computing services, it might be the time that you make the same decision as a business owner. Before you Read More

Google Apps – Cloud Computing
Posted 14 November 2016 / By Matt Carolan / Google

1When it comes to cloud computing, the Google App Engine (GAE) is an ideal environment as it is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud computing. It is ideal for developing and hosting web apps, and these are done in Google-managed data centers. Read More

The Need for Standardization in Cloud Computing – The Issues
Posted 7 November 2016 / By Matt Carolan / VMware

1Since its inception, cloud computing has become a very popular approach for many organizations. With its increased popularity, various business entities have observed that the rapid growth is a recipe for failure of the cloud-computing standards. With the lack of standardization in cloud computing, the use of it might become harder in the future. Read More

How Cloud Computing Benefits You in Four Ways
Posted 31 October 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

1Cloud computing is an ideal platform for many business entities out there. Although cloud computing has various benefits, you can still see organizations not implementing cloud computing services. One of the main reasons why organizations are not switching to cloud computing is because Read More

Cloud Computing Enables Digital Insurance
Posted 24 October 2016 / By Matt Carolan / General

1Cloud computing is an ideal platform for those who are seeking an easier way to share data files, and to improve their digital sector for making it more efficient and cheaper. With the current competitive market, insurers need to implement better methods so as to enhance their digital services, and deliver better and effective mobile and online functionality. The market has vastly changed over the past few years. Read More

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